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We pride ourselves on our extensive R&D, QA and manufacturing facilities, and due to the acquisition of the latest CAD/CAM technology that we employ within our facility, costs for assisting with your design and manufacture are kept low, making our technology solutions affordable and extremely competitively.

Illuminated Panels

Originally designed to satisfy the exacting demands of the aerospace industry, our facia panels are now specified for a wide variety of other applications and environments where operational integrity and clarity of presentation are essential requirements.

NVIS Panels

Paramount Panels Inc capabilities for assisting with your design and manufacturing illuminated control panels meeting the requirements for night vision compatibility is one of our key specialities, and our dedicated team of engineers and product managers can help and give free advice with any requirements that you may have.

Integrated Switch Panels

Paramount Panels, in close cooperation with the aerospace industry, have developed the technology and processes to enable the integration of sun-light-readable annunciators/Indicators employing LED’s into their range of illuminated panels.

NVG Lighting

Paramount Panels offer a wide range of NVG Compatible products which, although providing “State of the Art” techniques appropriate to new installations, also cater for the diverse requirements associated with the conversion of existing equipment.

Control Knobs

Supplementing our illuminated panel product range is an accompanying range of control knobs, many of which may be lit by the transference (or transilluminated) of light from the panel itself. The range we can now offer is one of the world’s largest, many of which are recent designs, and therefore are applicable for today’s application.


Paramount Panels manufactures a comprehensive range of lighting and airborne components. Many of which have been used by the defense and aerospace industries for many years and are associated with reliability and dependability. 

Rotary Switches

The Austinlite range controls switching circuits up to 45 Amps. The principle of operation is based upon a roller contact moving over a pair of fixed contacts, giving a self-cleaning wiping action.


We offer a complete refurbishment process that is cost effective with quick delivery. Paramount Panels relies on over 35 years of experience of refurbishing edge lit panels in commercial, corporate and military aircraft. Confidently providing the quality, capability and service you demand and expect. Lives can depend on reading instruments, so it is vital that control panels be clear and accurate. 


Avionic and Defence Simulator systems panels and assemblies PPINC design and manufacture a comprehensive range of flight simulation solutions including Information control panels and assemblies for the Civil and military professional simulation market.

PWM Dimmer Controller

A range of self-contained solid state PWM dimmer controllers are now available from Paramount Panels Inc for installation on fixed wing or rotary aircraft, fighting vehicles and other applications.

LED Gooseneck Light

Paramount Panels Inc is now able to offer an adjustable LED Gooseneck Light, suitable for a range of uses including as both a medical and map reading light.