Paramount Panels gallery of products, components and related items.

Wing tip Navigation Light
Type III panel filter - Part Numbers - 80 10 0069 - 80 10 1052 - 80-10-2308
Transilluminated Control Knobs
Rotary Wing, Remote Camera Illuminated Panel with tactile keys and secret until lit indicators
PWM Dimmer Controller
Paramount Panels
Paramount Panels
Paramount Panels
Paramount Panels
Panel Manufacturing
Panel Manufacturing
NVIS Panel
NVIS and Night Vision Lighting
NVG Panel Manufacture
NVG Lighting
NVG Lighting Panel
NVG Instrument Bezel - Custom Lighting Panel
NVG Compatible Key Switch Panel
Night Vision Goggle Compatible Transilluminated Control Knobs
Manufacturing Panels
Liteflo backlit Illuminated Panel
LED SMT Illuminated Information Lighting Panels
LED NVIS Cockpit Lamp
LED Illuminated Lighting Panel
LED Illuminated Bezel Panel
LED Gooseneck Light
Keyboard Panel with Integral Annunciators
Key Cap -Integrated Switch Panels
Integrated Switch Panel
Integrated switch panel with hidden until lit and sun light readable annunciators - type VII LED
Illuminated Panels for simulation use
Illuminated Panel
Illuminated Panel Display
Illuminated Panel - MIL-DTL-7788H Standard
Illuminated information panel - Type V
Illuminated Control Panel
Illuminated Control Panel NVIS Lighting
Illuminated Control Knobs - Part Number 02 1759 - 80 10 1048
Illuminated Aircraft Panel
Custom-Bespoke Panels Design
Custom Panels Design
Custom Panel Design
Control Panel Refurbishment - Before and After
Control Panel Knobs - Part Numbers - 02 0402 - 02 1772 - 02 1760 - 80 10 1560 - 80 10 1071
-Control Panel Components - 80 10 0059 - 02-0281- 80 10 0060 - 02 1847 - 02 1845
Control Knobs used as indicators, Aircraft Panel - Push-push Switches
Civil and Military Fixed and Rotary wing Aircraft Simulation Panels
Civil and Military Fixed and Rotary wing Aircraft Simulation Panel
Circuit Breaker Light-flow Panel
Bezel Lighting Panel - Bridge - NVG Compatible
Avionic and Defence Simulator Systems Panels and Assemblies
Avionic and Defence Simulator Systems Panels and Assemblies - new panel type
Avionic and Defence Simulator System Panels and Assemblies -Display Bezel
Aviation Panel Refurbishment
Annunciator Panels
Annunciator Panel
Annunciator and Indicator Display Panels
Annunciator and Indicator Display Panel
Aircraft Simulation Panels
Aircraft illuminated panel-Type VII-Class 1-W
Aircraft Illuminated Control Panel
Aircraft Edge-lit Panel
Aircraft Cabin Door Lock Panel - Type V
Airborne Components
Airborne Components
Aerospace Back-Lit Panel